Rebranding concept:


 This work builds on my previous redesign case study of the platform. Here, I have taken the concept further and created a basic set of rebranding guidelines, and a couple of examples of how the platform can look after they are implemented.  

 The rebranding strategy is to make the brand become associated with concepts that that the game of chess itself is associated with. So what are these concepts?

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world that is still practiced. Chess is therefore, built on tradition and respect of the old. But chess is also constantly evolving, and in that sense it is also modern. This mix of old and new, traditional but at the same time always changing, is what I want the Chessable brand to be associated with. 

I want to give the brand a mix of classic and modern elements. To achieve this I have created a logotype that feels classic and traditional. The brass-/gold color of the rook sends out signals of class, tradition, reliability, luxury, something that will stand the test of time.

The real challenge however, was to create a modern palette, modern typography and a modern UI that did not make the classical logo feel out of place.

After testing many many ideas, I finally found a solution that achieved the goal! 

Tools & resources

Affinity Designer
My vector-/pixel tool of choice, for creating concept designs. – Branding guidelines